In the Metawoman series Gabriel Rico explores the hypothetical possibility that the sun could have another basic geometrical shape, even though the law of gravity prevents it. Through a series of wall works, Rico imagines this omnipresent star as a geometrical shape ranging from a cloud-like polygon to a triangle or square. In his interpretation, colors emerge through a harnessing of the sun's energy in the form of neon compositions. These bright lights emit a range of color that, to the artist, represents the internal layers of the sun, from the core to the photosphere, and the solar spicules. Rico accentuates these lightinstallations with found objects from nature, namely branches, which echo the artist's aesthetic contour of the new form.

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Perrotin Seoul
Founded in Paris in 1990 by Emmanuel Perrotin, then 21 years old, the gallery has become one of the most
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