The idea in this series is to create pieces in which the current complicated relationship between humans and nature becomes evident through the representation of forms, elements and natural beings using techniques in which the experience in the manipulation of matter is a constant, such as, for example, the forging or embossing of steel, ceramics or clay among others. Not even all this experience exempts us from continuing to transform the environment, which leaves as a remnant a symptom known as climate change among others of the same caliber and importance. The palm tree evidently represents the natural world and I have changed its coconuts for sports balls, in which a design loaded with technological and material sophistication can be appreciated, which in turn coherently completes the aesthetic of the piece, making it possible to perceive them as the social fruits of a palm tree made by a human being.

About The Gallery

OMR was founded in 1983 and through over 400 exhibitions and 20 years of participation in art fairs, has developed
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