This piece is presented as an incoherent possibility, materializing as a fortuitous encounter between two elements without apparent connection but with a very strong one with the human being. It is from this point that this connection postulates the principle to obtain a coherent interpretation of the sculptures in the series, which relate to the human being at different levels.; On a metaphysical level, the deer represents our connection with the natural and spiritual world, specifically Mexico's native tribes such as the Huicholes or Yaquis. In their worldview, this being represents man's brother 'The Blue Deer'.; The balls represent our connection with geometry, which I use as an angular figure when composing these sculptures; taking into account their color, texture, and size to determine their place in the deer' s antlers.; Each of the antlers is different and guides the selection of the ball, making each of the pieces unique.; These balls are also connected to our deep impulse nowadays to develop new technology and materials and it is here that these pieces achieve their purpose. This series attempts to question whether there is a relationship between our spiritual world and our desire for technological innovation desire in this era of computer 'rush'.; The title ''Excessive butter'' refers to the natural desire we feel by carbohydrates; which I use as an analogy as well for the fact of hunting as to the desire to innovate. Excessive butter

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