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Gary Paller
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56 x 76 x 0 cm
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Cynthia Penna, artistic director at ART1307 and curator wrote about Gary Paller’s work: “The morphology of Gary Paller’s forms has its deepest roots in the unconscious. The softness of the geometric forms are, very clearly, retraceable to situations of the subconscious, buried in its hidden depths (…) The beauty of Paller’s pictorial composition lies in the fact that it is purified of any other component that obstacles or distracts” the eye from the movement of the form. Paller’s research aims at the purity of the form and its movement in space, determined by the colour and by the relationship between colour and colour, or between colour and line. It is this perfect balancing of volumes and colour that gives the spectator the peculiar sensation of being “cradled” in space, of being carried by a kind of soft waves towards a dreamy and unconscious world not unlike a maternal womb of absolute protection”
United States
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This monotype is one-of-a-kind prints.

Paller applies ink with a roller (brayer) to a large copper sheet (plate), drawing his shapes.

Again, this picture is largely about the nestling of organic forms. The soft areas are what is referred to as “ghost ink” - lighter, transparent grainy surfaces using the qualities of the ink remaining after the previous print was made.

The richness of the oil-based inks provides a luminous quality that other media cannot.

Daniel Simon, art critic, commenting on Paller's exhibiting his monotypes at Espace Parallele, Brussels, Belgium says:

"The monotypes of Gary Paller play with the contradiction of recording the flattening of matter, while conversely crossing over all with a porous effect, thereby leaving his marks on the surface.
Gary Paller has this subtle poetry which allows him to arouse in the viewer the feeling of the moment and the sustainability of this feeling, rare …."



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Gary Paller is an American contemporary artist born in 1953. In his practice Paller plays with forms and colours creating vivid ab....Read More

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