Rectified ready-made, the Spauracchio (scarecrow) instills a certain sensation of fear by its disturbing aspect. Made the same way as the traditional scarecrows from the Italian region where Gianni Motti comes from, Valtellina. It ressembles to a businessma supposed to keep watch on the global growth and stability. The story is well known...Personnification of the global economic power, the piece questions the speculations on foods which provokes the imbalance between countries and populations and sounds a note of caution for us about the control of agriculture, that is progressively becoming concentrated between the hands of a certain financial elite.
Ready-made rectifie, le Spauracchio (Epouvantail) instille une certaine sensation de peur par son aspect inquietant. Realises de la meme maniere que les epouvantails traditionnels de la region italienne d'origine de Gianni Motti, la Valteline, il ressemble a un businessman suppose surveiller la croissance et la stabilite du monde. L'histoire est connue... Personnification du pouvoir economique global, l'oeuvre questionne les speculations sur les biens alimentaires qui provoquent le desequilibre entre pays et populations et nous mettent en garde sur le controle de l'agriculture qui est progressivement concentre entre les mains d'une elite financiere.

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