They zig-zagged in harmony

Gillie and Marc
2,000 USD ($)
Sculptures and Ceramics
26 x 7 x 20 cm
From the series Editions/ 100
Unavailable For Sale
Australian provenance
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As a child, Marc struggled to ride a bike so his dad bought him a scooter. He was the only kid with one and it made him feel a bit different. When he met Gillie he realised that it didn’t matter if he felt a bit different, because she was different too but in the best way possible.
Rabbitgirl also loves her scooter. She loves gliding through the streets with the wind rushing past her fur. And it delights Dogman when she takes the lead so he can press his body close against hers.

Manufacturer: Gillie and Marc.

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Gillie and Marc are widely recognized contemporary artists (and husband-and-wife) who have been working together over three decade....Read More

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