"Flickering through her images with a serene and lively warmth, sunlight gives its luminosity even to shadows. Certain of her paintings might well show us a moment early in spring, when the light takes its intensity from a slight, residual chill in the air. Far from passive reception of visible things, seeing is an active process. One of painting's abiding purposes is to slow down that process and render it more fully conscious. So Gardiner gives us the chance to note, for example, how a certain patch of flat, luminous gray in Spectator III signifies a flat wall and, elsewhere in the painting, a similar patch molds the volume of a shoulder." - Carter Radcliffe
Gardiner graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1974. Ginnie Gardiner's distinctive style of color notes of optically mixed oil paints produces shimmering, figurative abstractly coherent works. Gardiner cites the American Modernists and 2nd generation New York School Artists and specifically Alex Katz, Louisa Matthiasdottir and Lois Dodd, with their reductive treatment of form and clarity of light, as influences.
Akimbo; Oil On Canvas; 48' x 36 Sunlit Stillness

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