Heavily influenced by Josef Albers and his relationship with color during his travels to Mexico, Ginne Gardiner created The Color Prophecies, where she is exploring where color predicts and dictated certain interactions.
"I am painting solid color mixtures on woodblock paper to use for backgrounds and various planar elements with isolated figural elements from my photographs. These mixed media collages function as the studies for my paintings."

"I have been working with the premise of creating paintings with specific color palettes for many years. For me, it is a working process that is endlessly fascinating. I was never interested in attaching the blank canvas or putting down on emark and seeing where it led me.The practice of orchestrating the colors in a painting to register in a particular key is my approach."
Gardiner graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1974. Ginnie Gardiner's distinctive style of color notes of optically mixed oil paints produces shimmering, figurative abstractly coherent works. Gardiner cites the American Modernists and 2nd generation New York School Artists and specifically Alex Katz, Louisa Matthiasdottir and Lois Dodd, with their reductive treatment of form and clarity of light, as influences.
Alber's Knees; Oil On Linen; 36' x 48 Color Prophecies

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