'Each of The Color Prophesies, a series of fifteen paintings by Ginnie Gardiner, shows a figure with an open book. Her figures are looking, not reading, for their books contain reproductions of paintings and images of other kinds. As we look at them looking, we begin to see that the artist raises questions about the meaning of visual art. Does a painting's meaning emerge from its depiction of people and things? Or is meaning produced by the painting's play of colors and forms? You might say: both; form and content interact to charge a painting with the import I find in it. This is a sensible answer but too general to be of much help in understanding what it is, for example, to depict a person or a thing. And it has nothing to say about the difficulty of making a sharp distinction between form and content.'; Carter Ratcliff
''The Color Prophecies' is a new series begun in September,2016 and in it I am exploring where color predicts and dictates certain interactions.For the creation and design of these images I am painting solid color mixtures on woodblock papers to use for backgrounds and various planar elements with isolated figural elements from my photographs. These mixed media collages function as the studies for my paintings.I have been working with the premise of creating paintings with specific color palettes for many years.For me, it is a working process that is endlessly fascinating. I was never interested in attacking the blank canvas or putting down one mark and seeing where that led me. Of course this is a subject that has been written about with many variations. The practice oforchestrating the colors in a painting to register in a particular key is my approach.The move upstate in 2005, after living in New York City for 30 years gave me a sense of new beginnings. I began to incorporate elements of my upstate surroundings and the architectural details of our historic property with images in my collage studies for paintings. This led to an ongoing exploration of figure and ground and the architecture of figuration.In all of my paintings, I have sought color mastery and color is the subject of my work. Both Josef Albers and Charles W. Hawthorne were obsessed with creating the illusion of transparency in the opaque medium of oil paint. Both their teachings and their daily practice continue to inspire me today.'; Ginnie Gardiner The Color Prophecies

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