Over the past year, Giulia Ricci has been working on a new suite of works entitled Alteration/Deviation. Employing a triangular element organised within a grid and her preferred method of freehand drawing, these new works take on a considerably larger scale than her previous works on paper. This is also the first time the artist conceived a series by applying pigments with a brush rather than pens or mechanical tools. The composition of each work is in essence a repeat pattern of bold and clearly ordered geometric arrangement. These works exemplify the principle that a small change can generate unexpected consequences and cascading transformations, something which might resonate with wider events unfolding around us.; ‍; Giulia Ricci is interested in the ambiguous nature of the relationship between abstraction and ornament; the seemingly abstract nature of the work is only partially so as the patterns she uses refer to physical objects such as textiles and architectural details. Using a pared-down language of minimal geometric units, the right-angled triangles are inscribed into the grid which the artist describes as her 'vocabulary'. By using compositional strategies including repetition, rotation and mirroring, typical of processes of ornamentation, Ricci modifies and distorts the configuration of each work, thereby creating the impression that the flat surface is spatially activated through what may be optically perceived as shifting planes. Equally, the angle from which a work is approached, the variation in viewpoint and distance between viewer and piece, determine which patterns emerge or recede perceptually. ALTERATION/DEVIATION

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