This work demonstrates the creative method known as 'kit-bashing.' Originating with the world of model builders, kit-bashing happens when you throw away the instructions that tell you what something is supposed to be and and use the parts instead to create whatever your imagine can conjure. For Colonial Organism, Glenn Kaino started with a model of a tank. Using the lost-wax casting technique, he made a metal copy of each of the pieces then gold plated them. He then used the gold pieces to construct this composition resembling a biological organism.
Artist Biography Glenn Kaino (b. 1972, US) is an American conceptual artist based in Los Angeles. By integrating innovative methodologies with established art historical traditions, Kaino orchestrates spectacular aesthetic phenomena that engage with, and offer critical commentary on the collective contemporary consciousness.
Kaino's oeuvre is omnidisciplinary. It predominantly includes sculpture, painting, filmmaking, performance, installation, and large scale public work. But since his practice is fundamentally idea based, Kaino is committed to engaging any techniques, processes, materials, tools, technologies, environments or collaborators necessary to manifest the concept at hand.
As an art student in the 1990s at UC Irvine and UC San Diego, Kaino adopted a layered, philosophical approach to art making, founded on the primacy of ideas. Simultaneously, he also immersed him self in the study of computers and digital technology. His dual, high-level grasp of creativity and technology have brought Kaino into the orbit of influential figures within the broader culture and resulted in multiple noteworthy professional opportunities within the internet, entertainment and communications industries.

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