Good To Know: Framed by the artist, shipped directly from the artist's studio, accompanied by a CoA (Cert. of Authenticity) issued by the artist.

Series: Wynwood

Arty-Fact: With the invention of lithography in 1790, we began using paper-based outdoor advertising posters. These posters communicated not only products and services, but also community events and agendas.

Technological advances made posters a thing of the past for many communities but, drive through an underdeveloped country or a low-income neighbourhood. The places where not everyone has a mobile phone, the internet, high-definition fibre optic television. The places where families use the bussing system or their own feet to go to work, the market or school. These are the places where paper-based outdoor advertising still has functionality. Whether it be political advertising, the announcement of community events, or product advertisements, paper posters adorn the more heavily trafficked areas. These posters often remain in place for years with walls accumulating poster over poster, and while the bottom layers rip, decay and rot, the top layers shine for all to see. The walls offer a story, a stand-alone piece of artwork, a time capsule and a tangible look into our past and present. This is the base or canvas for the "Streetscape" project. The collection and integration of worn and torn street posters from streets all over the world.

Utilizing street posters sourced from the art district of South Florida, Wynwood, this piece celebrates the unique style and trends ever so present throughout the Wynwood area.

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