Heroin, It's what your right arm is for

Harland Miller
2500 - 5000 GBP (£)
Giclee print
57.91 x 41.91 cm
Signed, numbered, dated, recto
Edition of 50
Available For Sale
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Thank for your interest in Heroin, It's what your right arm is for by Harland Miller, proposed by Lougher Contemporary. The asking price is currently 2501 GBP (£)

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Harland Miller (English, b. 1964) is a writer and artist who is most well known for his giant canvases of Penguin Book covers. Through his work he marries aspects of Pop art, abstraction and figurative painting.

This print is adopted from a painting of the same name and is part of Miller's iconic Penguin Book Series. In works from this series, Miller appropriates and juxtaposes text on pre-existing Penguin paperback covers. The book covers exude a British nostalgia, but Miller turns this around as he invents provocative titles for the classic covers.

This print is sold unframed and in fine condition. Please contact the gallery with any questions.


Asking Price2500 - 5000 GBP (£)2500 - 5000-

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