Harland Miller (b. 1964) is a British contemporary artist famed for his series based on Penguin book jackets. Incorporating their familiar color and design, Miller replaces the text with comically absurd or melancholic titles, often reflecting the North East of England where he grew up. With this series, Miller combines his love of literature with elements of abstraction and Pop Art, to create works that are a satirical commentary on life and the written word. This silkscreen print by Harland Miller, based on Painting for Charles Addams (2012), is part of an ongoing series of work that deals with obituaries and the cult of personality. The subject of both this print and the painting it is based on (featured in Miller's exhibition The Next Life's On Me at White Cube Hoxton Square last year) is Charles Addams, the macabre American cartoonist and notorious womaniser who was best known as the creator of the Addams family stories. Miller has used characteristic word play to subvert the classic image of a lovers' embrace into something witty and ironic in the Addams tradition.Sold in mint condition in original tube. Sold on Consignment.

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