Hiro Ando
6,000 EUR (€)
Sculptures and Ceramics
55 x 45 x 35 cm
Signed Carved on the bottom of the sculpture
26 editions
Mint Condition
Unavailable For Sale
The artwork come directly from the artist Studio:StudioCrzaZYnOOdleS
Rue Clement Marot
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"URBANCAT" is an exciting, highly sought-after Pop Art inspired sculpture by acclaimed Japanese Neo-Pop artist, Hiro Ando.
This work in the round is painted glossy Pop Art Colors, depicting the cat as a revered Urban wrestler, and belongs to Ando's series of cat sculptures started in 2005. Ando's bases his works on "the cat", because in traditional Japanese culture it is a good-luck charm. Ando depicts the cat in a fresh manner that clearly references his generation's obsession with Anime and the "Hello Kitty" craze.
Editions available in 55cm@6000€, 100cm@12000€ and 150cm@28000€
Editions available in Black , Red, Orange , Yellow , Navy , PinkKitty , PinkCandy , White
Mint condition
Shipped from France.

Signature: Dated, Signed, and Numbered on the base of sculpture ..../26 editions for 55cm , ..../20 editions for 100cm & .../12 editions for 150cm. The artwork come accompanied by a formal Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Studio of the Artist: CrazyNoodles and signed by the Artist.


Asking Price6,000 EUR-

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With a practice spanning across several mediums, Hiro Ando is widely known for his sculptural work that merges Japanese tradition ....Read More

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