The threaded lines suggest a physical barrier that interrupts the shapes and stops them from connecting and at the same time a transparency is created that allows the viewer to enter through the lines onto the painted surface.

The titles of each series can be interpreted as emotional, psychological and physical conditions.

This recent work continues to explore color, shape, composition, form and texture to titillate the eye and awaken the senses.

The titles of the new series "Shout" and "Crash" reflect frustration and anxiety in reaction to today's contemporary American society yet the work attempts to convey emotional content that is positive and optimistic through a personal abstract language.

The artist describes her work as follows: "A fine line between Sculpture and painting, Painting and drawing, Drawing and stitching, Stitching and healing, Healing and pleasure, Pleasure and seeing, Seeing and looking, Looking and touching, Touching and making ...Material and illusion, Thought and intuition, Mind and heart, Life and love."

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