Born in 1981 in Burkina Faso, Hyacinthe Ouattara is a mainly self-taught visual artist. He currently lives and works in France. After several workshop experiences, with a training in live model drawing, Hyacinthe Ouattara first imagined the human body in a dreamlike, ghostly and childlike way before entering his entrails and concentrating his work on tissues. Matter, texture and colours are very important in his pictorial work.
His installations often play with suspension, questioning balance and imbalance. They are both a reflection on memory and, since he focuses on textiles, on an organic aspect. Textile also allows him to question the ambivalence between appearance and disappearance, representation and intimacy, identity in the broadest sense. His sculptures in twisted and knotted textiles take up this obsession with the organic and question the notion of links.
He has participated in exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Dakar, Dubai, Ouagadougou, Accra, Luxembourg, the AKAA (Paris) Captown Art Fair, Dubai Art Fair, and the Cairo Biennale.; His works are notably in 2 major private collections in New York.

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