FLOWER EVOLUTION; The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, and graceful orchid represents love, feminity, beauty and strength. The orchids have a magical quality.; The genus Phalaenopsis was described in1825 by a Dutch botanist, on the island of Java. The story goes that during one of his journeys he saw a group of butterflies practically motionlessly whirling by a tree. These turned out to; be orchids.; Like a metaphor for profound change in the cycles of our lives, moving from one state, perspective, or lifestyle to another, the butterfly's remarkable shape shifting journey carries an important message for us to seek out and find our true essence, no matter how far removed it may be from our present selves. It's an inspiring message that teaches us that growth and transformation need not be traumatic or painful, but rather liberating and joyful, a natural part; of life's continuous unfolding. We've all heard the saying "the only constant is change," and embracing change, whether that change is external or part of our own interior landscape, is one of the keys to our positive personal evolution.
Isabelle van Zeijl is an established mid-career international acclaimed artist. Recognized for her mastery to create striking self portraits with depth and meaning who enriches life, possessing lasting and impressionable depth and value.

Flower Evolution series

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