In 1965 hundreds of civil rights marchers left Selma, Alabama, on a peace march to Montgomery. Just outside Selma, at the Edmond Pettus Bridge, the marchers were met with resistance from local law enforcement officials and townspeople. The marchers led by the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, were repeatedly turned back. After several days of stalemate and verbal and physical abuse, the determined marchers were allowed to continue. Lawrence commented: 'I thought it was part of the history of the country, part of the history of our progress; not of just the black progress, but of the progress of the people.'
Artist: Jacob Lawrence, American (1917 - 2000); Title: Confrontation at the Bridge; Year: 1975; Medium: Silkscreen on Strathmore Paper, signed and numbered in pencil; Edition: 175, HC 25, PP 1/3; Size: 19.5 x 26 inches; Frame: 25 x 32 inches

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