'The Zantedeschia Aethiopicas, most commonly known as Calla Lilies, originated in the dried-out swamps of South Africa. This graceful plant really deserves its name, which can be translated with "beautiful" and is ascribed to the Grecian goddess Calliope. Calliope was also called extremely beautiful in Greek myths. Zantedeschia on the other hand, is dedicated to its discoverer, the Italian Giovanni Zantedeschi, who was a botanist during the 18th century and discovered this bulb plant. He brought it to Europe and cultivated it.
"In a tiny bedroom at my home there is a large weird painting I did at Greenwich Beach that has strange white lilies hanging from a tree with the ground below activated by weird varieties of worms and imaginary crawling creatures.; I had just returned from my first ever international invitational exhibition of my sculpture at the first International Year of the Woman gathering in Mexico City. I was depressed, as I had turned down and invitation from a prominent group of Mexican novelists and painters to join them for a weekend in celebration of my work. When I was told we would be sharing divine mind-altering hallucinogenic potions, I was afraid I would not recover in time and miss my flight home.; So, I stayed at the Greenwich picnic table that morning and painted the imaginary scene, narcotic lilies suspended from the snake intoxicant tree methsticodendron amesianum, with hallucinogenic worms feeding the roots.; Years later, in South Africa, I recognized the lilies of this very same genus and the 'Lost' in the title means I was psychologically on another continent at that moment; right back in Mexico, berating myself for missing that chance in the 1970s to share joy with people who are my tribe. People who wanted to honor me for a subconscious that I did not know had been on display." -Jacquelyn Thunfors

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