'"When you work within so many countries (as well as within the South African arena of the origin of the species with so many local varieties of tribe), you become constantly aware of the rapidly roaring 'Waring Blender' of faces; mathematically accelerated by the intersection of so many billions of races and exotic cultures, meeting, meshing, marrying as the direct result of aeronautical engineering.; Not only have we ascended from deep taboos about marriage with anyone except our own culture and race but have grown a preternaturally morbid fascination with the ultra-rich, some of whom compete to finance and raised the largest mixed clan planetary families.; Although extreme virtue abides in the hills and valleys of the subject, we all know the potential virulence skating about in stepfamily genealogy. Everyone with different mothers and different fathers under one new roof, is expected to feel loved identically.; Within this 'mixed race, mixed culture' scenario of blended emotional intelligence lies one of the greatest challenges, or the greatest hopes, for planetary peace that we face." -Jacquelyn Thunfors

About The Gallery

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art is an art gallery based in Greenwood. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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