'Traditionally, a sangoma is a figure in South Africa who provides spiritual and physical healing. As a shamanic figure, they use herbs and prayers to guide their practice and heal their families, communities, and the Earth at large. In this role that is passed down through generations, sangomas carry certain responsibilities. Jacquelyn Thunfors was deeply inspired by the following story which moved her to create "My Sangoma."
"Just before the opening of the Durban University exhibition, director Reggie Letsatsi, South African Xhosa, apologized for having to change a meeting. He said, 'Because I have not finished paying the last payment for my bride price to the sangoma for Penny, I have to drive across the Kalahari with him in the back seat to her parents' home, in order for our baby to be born legitimate.'; Highly respected spiritual leaders of the tribes of South Africa, sangomas not only deal with mundane transactions such as this, but are universally considered able to heal a person physically, mentally emotionally, as well as spiritually. Each is considered a living direct line to one's ancestors.; They commune with the spirit world, combining metaphysics with bones, dice, animal parts, herbs, potions. I have experienced a young girl in a deep trance staggering about a large Durban post office for over an hour until "saved" from the crowd by an ancient Xhosa sangoma. I spent a long spring morning with another and his niece, in their Kwa Zulu Natal township tribal hut, who explained that the "problems of the disturbed mind" are his greatest challenge to bring under human control." -Jacquelyn Thunfors

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