ca. 1853

Juvenilia (1852-1953), from early in Whistler's Cadet career. The paper is Whatman Turkey Mill 1853, a quality of mold-made paper on which Whistler preferred drawing. The sketchbook, consists of 12 sheets, 6 folded pages, including a total of 10 original Whistler pencil drawings on old handmade paper with the watermark J.WHATMAN - TURKEY MILL 1853.
The first sketch an old fort or gate, somewhat illegibly labeled "Gate"(?) and the location, Lyme Regis, dated 1853 signed Whistler. Page 2 views on left side of coastal scenery. The next sheet shows an old fort in the landscape, lower right, undated. The surrounding page without a drawing. The third sheet illustrates Hastings Castle in parkland on the front. Fourth sheet is a double-sheet view of the "Hasting Castle, June 1853, Whistler". The ruin of the Hasting-Castles on the steep coast is shown, the sea at bottom right. On sketchpad verso is a small illustration of a farmer with cattle. The fifth sheet on the front with a view of a tree-covered grass landscape (unsigned), the back of which without illustration. The sixth and last sheet is divided into three parts: Above with view St. Leonard Bee (? Illegible) Head in distance . Below "Hastings Castle, St. Leonards Head from East Cliff". The sketch below shows "East Cliff, Hastings", this sketch in turn signed Whistler. The verso of the sheet marked with handwritten calculations. The total of 6 sheets of thread sewn without cover. Leaves partly stained, rubbed, slightly bent and loose. Sketchbook contains 10 drawings in pencil from Whistler from 1853 mostly signed, some dated. 6 sheets were originally part of a larger Whistler sketchbook. Some pages stained and rubbed, some pages loose. The sketchbook contains a total of 1 double-sheet sketch, 4 sheet-size sketches (25.5 x 20 cm) and 5 larger sketches on a total of 2 sheets, together with a few small detail sketches.

Drawings not found in the catalog raisonne 'McNeill Whistler Drawings, Pastels and Watercolours', by Margaret F. MacDonald, Yale University Press (1995). Please compare these drawings to the Sketchbook. Dr. MacDonald says they're not JAM Whistler, however, Whistler's repeated signature corresponds to an identical signature on a drawing of the same quality to those presented herein, found in auction records.

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