20% of sales go to support the Borana Conservancy
Framing is Available.
Many lion populations across Africa are declining at an alarming rate, with total extinction possible as early as 2050. It is, therefore, always a pleasure and a relief to witness future generations. Kenya has been at the forefront of lion conservation, and for the first time in decades, lion numbers in Kenya are increasing.
I took this portrait as this cub curiously approached my vehicle one late afternoon on Borana Conservancy. She is part of the largest pride in Laikipia County, Kenya, with more than 30 individuals. Lions can bounce back quickly if given the space and chance, which must be our priority from now on. All species can thrive if given the space and freedom to do so.

65.6 × 45.7, Edition 1, $1,000 - 2,500;
109.3 × 76.2, Edition 1, $7,500 - 10,000

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