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Taken 45 minutes before sunset and having spent the entire day with this giant, I was beginning to think I would go home empty handed. The long grass was causing many complications in achieving a clean ground level shot, but by emptying my camera bag, I was able to use it like a tripod to raise my camera high enough above the grass.
I wasn't prepared to settle for anything else other than an intimate ground up perspective as I feel it is simply the most powerful way of communicating the status and grandeur of this most impressive of subjects. His tusks are so long that they can rest on the ground. I wanted to communicate this and so a low angle portrait in profile was the perfect way of demonstrating it.
Aside from taking the shot, my fondest memory is the hours I spent in his company. As I ate my packed lunch on the roof of the car, watching him browse from bush to bush. I felt like I had been teleported back in time to the 1800's when tuskers like these roamed across Africa in their thousands. Today he is a survivor from these historic times; his genes are only matched by roughly 20 other individuals on the entire continent.
45.7 × 91.9, Edition 1, $1,000 - 2,500;
76.2 × 153.2, Edition 0, $7,500 - 10,000

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