Jami Goldman grew up in West Hartford, CT. Her mother, who was a sculptor, inspired her passion for the arts and photography. Jami continued her concentration of fine arts, with an emphasis on photography, at St Lawrence University in upstate New York. Following graduation, Jami moved to New York City where she thrived in a variety of publishing roles, including leadership assignments at Meredith, Vanity Fair, and Bon Appetit. Throughout her career in advertising, Jami was fortunate to be exposed to many prominent and influential photographers. But, after a significant time away from her own camera, Jami truly missed viewing the world through her personal lens and began to re-engage in her photography. To this day, Jami remains steadfast in her pursuit of capturing a unique perspective of expression, nature and water. Jami incorporates many principles of gestalt into each of her photographs. By doing this, her audience can perceive what they see and develop their own vision, interpretation and emotional connection with her images. Jami presents each image from her own distinct perspective, which enables her photography to have a unique and identifiable style.
Collection: #Unload
Choice of 1/4' white composite OR Black or Natural flush wood backing/finish #Unload

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