As a photographer, I've always had an affinity and appreciation for the Polaroid image. With the busy hectic lifestyle of today, I have an even greater appreciation for this medium, as it recalls a time when life was less 'plugged in'. The Polaroid allowed us to capture an ephemeral image in the moment while still maintaining a sense of privacy and intimacy. It is the antithesis of a screenshot. The resurgence in popularity of the Polaroid validates our yearning for nostalgia and desire for real life personal experiences. To me, the Polaroid embodies this longing and so much more. It represents the transcendence from vintage to contemporary, and the interplay between the two.
Division series

78.7 × 76.2, $2,500 - 5,000;
111.8 × 106.7, $2,500 - 5,000;

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