Polaroid Collection
'The appeal of the Polaroid image has endured across all generations. The images are consistently identifiable, imperfect and unique. These qualities are what make the Polaroid so special. It makes perfect sense...as we love the old, covet the one-of-a kind and seek out all that is authentic. I read somewhere that in 'seeking authenticity; therein lies artistry' and it inspired me to introduce the new Polaroid Collection category into my portfolio. The inclusion of the Polaroid felt organic, a natural extension of my overall style of photography. In my new collection, each piece, unique and imperfect by design, invites the viewer to become intimate with each image, develop their own nostalgic connection and put the pieces together creating their own personal vision and story. These images extend an opportunity to be transported to a time when life was a bit slower...where photos were displayed on refrigerators vs phones...and to experience a feeling of calmness and simplicity amidst the chaos of today.' -Jami Goldman

Additional Sizing
30 x 37.5 Exterior Matte Frame / 26.5 x 26.5 High Gloss Inset Image, Edition of 15;

24 x 30 Exterior Matte Frame / 21 x 22 High Gloss Inset Image, Edition of 15

Polaroid Collection

76.2 × 95.3, Edition of 15, Contact for price;
50.8 × 61, Edition of 15, Contact for price

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