JEAN DUBUFFET (1901-1985) French artist whose penchant for rebelling against the norms of society earned him almost as much notoriety as his art. Dubuffet could be viewed by some as one whose works were precursors to the pop art of the hippie era of the 1960s. He expressed disdain for the mainstream art of his time, preferring to focus on the unusual, base, and unassuming styles of his art which would later be dubbed Art Brut, or Raw Art.

Dubuffet’s style reflected his preference for the plain and common, with a touch of the unusual. Fascinated and inspired with the drawings made by children, as well as patients who lived in insane asylums, he believed that children and the insane were inherent artists whose drawings and designs bore more meaning than conventionally believed. Later in his career, Dubuffet added sound, including music, to his art and also discovered his love for sculpting.

Original Edition Offset Lithograph on wove paper, 1978. Paper Size: 26.75" x 33." Published by Israel Museum. Excellent Condition; never framed or matted. Certificate of Authenticity included.

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