Othoniel is sensitive to the realities of the natural world, having experienced tornados and earthquakes firsthand during his extensive travels. He makes his concerns metaphoric in Black Lotus, a series of large glass-bead sculptures accompanied by a series of black paintings, which in both scale and material create a sense of danger and vulnerability. The artist writes: "A contemplative approach to nature has been guiding me lately toward more sensual and radical forms of abstraction in my work. During my numerous voyages in Korea, I was struck by the omnipresence of the lotus flower, not only in gardens, but also in paintings, sculptures, and traditional motifs in architecture. A symbol of perfection, truth, and serenity, the lotus arises out of dark murky waters and mud, and plays an important role in the Buddhist world; Buddha is often represented seated on lotus petals, a posture that evokes the ultimate stage of enlightenment.

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