This collage of stickers & feathers on hand painted photo collage was among the latest creations of the Tinguely. It was inspired by his famous kinetic sculpture 'Safari' assembled from a homonymous Renault 5 car model, animal skulls and other found objects crowned with a Grim Reaper scythe. The sculpture was created for Tinguely's major retrospective at the Central House of the Artist in Moscow (USSR) in April 1990. By transforming the car, a status symbol in modern consumer society, into an emblem of death, the artist wanted to draw the attention of prosperity-seeking Soviet visitors, in the age of increasing Perestroika openness, to the ephemeral nature of Western luxury goods.; Tinguely conceived his 'Safari' sculpture to be shown on snowy Red Square, the world-famous landmark of the Soviet capital. As there was no snow in Moscow at the time, Leonardo Bezzola compiled a photomontage that shows the car sculpture against the backdrop of a snow-covered Red Square. This image was used by Tinguely in 1991 as a background for this mixed media painting.

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