'This work portrays the story of human desire. During the time that I worked on this piece, I was interested in the microscopic world. I recreated a basic structure inspired by molecular shapes and multiplied it exponentially until they seemed to connect with each other infinitely. 'What are your desires?' is the question I underlied in this work.Human desires expand, multiply, and reproduce endlessly. One desire breeds another one. They are intertwined, inseparable, and linked together. After all, we may be living trapped in desires we created without even realizing it. This is a silent battle.The red color here is also known as a primitive color that symbolizes blood, life, fire, love, and passion. I intended to stimulate the audience's emotions through the use of bright red. Additionally, the carmine red background creates a stark contrast with the woman in the white dress, as if it contradicted it. As a result, the figure appears even more vulnerable, and pure. I wanted to vaguely reveal the character's emotion by only partially showing her face, and e;phasizing on her eyes looking through the structure.'; _JeeYoung Lee

Stage of Mind series

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