Jenik is a painter in the tradition of such visual theorists as Gorky, Kandinsky, and Motherwell. Absorbing and processing a vast range of material, from ancient languages to modern painting movements, her works convey a sense of confidence over this broad spectrum of experience. Jenik's taste for the primeval is evidenced in her discovery of the original mark: 'You don't care if you ruin a piece of paper: it's just a piece of paper. But recently I've been thinking that the real creativity is often on a piece of paper.' This tenet of Modernism has become fundamental to Jenik's work.
Her often biomorphic shapes and lines, coupled with her bold use of color infuse her paintings with richly exotic symbolism in the style of Miro and Leger. Early on, she took a cue from Munch whose work inspired her to put her life story in visual form. Now, Jenik's work tells that story abstractly with a vibrancy and expression that move from the container of her picture into the viewer's psyche. Her work is a celebration of generous form and color.

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