Pink Ground (Everything Touches Black)

Jeremy Annear
30,000 GBP (£)
Oil on canvas
160 x 152 cm
Available For Sale
Annear's work has been widely acclaimed and commented by numerous art critics, curators, art writers, artists and historians, such as Andrew Lambirth (The Spectator), Graham Boyd (Artist), Mercedes Smith (Writer and critic), Ian Collins (Art writer and curator), Nicholas Usherwodd (Art writer and publisher), Dr. Jane Hamilton (Art activist and Historian) or Rachel Barnes (Lecturer at the Tate and writer at the Guardian and The Independant). One of the most elogious (but not untrue) comment about Annear comes from Caroline Georgiadis, previously head of sales for British paintings at Christie's and currently running her own art consultancy practice: "Jeremy Annear (...) is a European Modernist painter in the vein of great artists such as Paul Klee, Wasilly Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque."
United Kingdom
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Everything touches black, a play on word and ideas. In this painting every shape and color touches the black (or nearly) and in life there would be no white without the black and at some point everything touches black, the dark.

"I have often regarded my range of paint tubes and their myriad range of colours hues and tones. They contain and ponder on the fact that whilst in the tube the paint does not have colour, its only when exposed to the light that the blackness is dispelled!

Each of Annear’s paintings carry a portion of the space that he has been exploring since the beginning of his works. They offer our eyes something which stands beyond our perception.

In this lively composition, Annear offers a reflexion on life and death, light colours opposed to black, light and darkness.



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Jeremy Annear is a British artist who belongs to a late generation of Modern British artists, best known for his abstract painting....Read More

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