Standing Form II

Jeremy Annear
5,500 GBP (£)
Oil on canvas
80 x 30 cm
Unique artwork
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From the artist’s studio
One of the most elogious (but not untrue) comment about Annear comes from Caroline Georgiadis, previously head of sales for British paintings at Christie's and currently running her own art consultancy practice: "Jeremy Annear (...) is a European Modernist painter in the vein of great artists such as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque."
United Kingdom
abstract painting,abstract art,painting,oil on canvas
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Oil on canvas.

Although French painter, Georges Braque (1882-1963) shared with Picasso the deep belief that figuration is the very essence of painting, many trustworthy connoisseurs perceive blatant similarities between Annear and Braque.

In his work, Annear catches something that one could depict – if possible – as an encounter between the souls of colour and lines. Colours are neither patches nor fields; they are vibrations whose power lies in subtle nuances rather that in strength. His lines are ways, not borders. Annear paints wet on wet; His work is not assembled, but blends.

Each of Annear’s paintings carry a portion of the space that he has been exploring since the beginning of his works. They offer our eyes something which stands beyond our perception.

Totems and standing forms are a recurring motif in Annear's work. "I like the challenge of the format. (J. Annear)".


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Jeremy Annear is a British artist who belongs to a late generation of Modern British artists, best known for his abstract painting....Read More

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