As a multidisciplinary artist, Snow uses different mediums and supports. Each work results from preliminary studies drawn with pen or pencil and which sometimes can amount to 20 sketches.

Snow sees her work as a constant play between order and chaos, logic and emotion. She combines playful shapes with bright colour, organic gestural lines, geometric and linear forms.

Aesthetically, she wants the painting to look as if it “just happened” and paints in such a way that the brushstrokes disappear and the layers become imperceptible. She has a strong inclination to create something which looks instinctive and effortless.

In Vertex, the ground is primarily painted black. When making her work, Snow is concerned with how the eye travels through it, the pathways, enclosures, and openings which activate the space.

In this work on paper, the lines are drawn without a ruler and there’s no taping out, therefore the geometry is a bit wonky and imperfect.

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