All Along the Watchtower

Jim Avignon
3,500 EUR (€)
Acrylic on Paper
220 x 320 cm
Mint Condition
Not included
Available For Sale
Urban Spree Galerie
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« When I moved to Berlin 1987, the Berlin Wall was still standing. At that time, I had mixed feelings about it. Of course it felt strange and frightening but I was also fascinated to live in a kind of gated community with all those funny freaks who made West Berlin so unique in the eighties.
I painted the characters of Dante and Virgil out of Delacroix famous painting 'The Barque of Dante' (1822, Musee du Louvre) in a kind of frozen positon, during their hell ride on top of the wall in a sort of limbo situation. It is clear that the vessel will fall down but yet it remains to be seen on which side! There is also a little man in the right corner doing a shit in the shadow of the wall who is a reference to Marc Chagall's painting « Over the City".


Asking Price3,500 EUR (€)-

About The Artist

Jim Avignon is a German contemporary and pop artist: cartoon poet, speed painter, performer, designer and musician. Read More

About The Gallery

Within Urban Spree, the Urban Spree Galerie is a 400 sqm independent contemporary art space. Set in a vast postindustrial compoun....Read More
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