XXVIII 2 Wodaabe, Gerewol
The nomadic Wodaabe community belong to the Fulani ethnic group, who are distributed across at least ten North-African countries. Chad is home to many of the Wodaabe. Far from the coast and land-locked, it nestles next to the great Saharan Desert.
The home environment of the Wodaabe people is called the wuro.
This is a land of stark beauty, unique pride and deep colours - a gift of its proximity to the desert. More than a hundred languages are spoken in this country of an estimated 14.5 million people. Homage to Humanity 62 × 73.7, Contact for price; 100.1 × 119.4, Contact for price; 139.7 × 170.2, Contact for price; 170.2 × 206.8, Contact for price;

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