XXXIII 31, Korafe, Amuioan, Tufi, Oro Province, Papua, New Guinea 2017
The Korafe community lives close to the town of Tufi in the north-east of Papua New Guinea's main island. Tufi is close to Cape Nelson, a coastal area consisting of tropical 'fjords'.
The impressive Korafe headdress is worn only by men.
Korafes are known for their impressive facial tattoos and feathered headdresses, and at ceremonies and special events, they wear tapa cloths, shell jewellery and feathers.
Homage to Humanity series
74 × 62, Edition of 9, Contact for price;
120 × 100, Edition of 6, Contact for price; 170 × 140, Edition of 3, Contact for price; 207 × 170, Edition of 1, Contact for price;

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