Joan Miro
2,200 USD ($)
Stone Lithograph
68.6 x 49.5 cm
Edition of 900
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Reference #10 from J. Corredor-Matheos, 'Miro's Posters', 1980 This poster was produced for the presentation at Berggruen and Cie. It derives from the exhibition book 'Joan Miro: Constellations' published in 1959, New York by Pierre Matisse, with text by Andre Breton and facsimile reproduction of the series of water colors. The piece is printed on standard paper. 150 coloured lithographs were printed avant la lettre on Arches paper, numbered and signed. Size 65 x 49 cm. Bibliography: Mourlot, F: 'Les affiches originales des maitres de l'Ecole de Paris: Braque, Chagall, Dufy, Leger, Matisse, Miro, Picasso' Andre Sauret Ed., Montecalro, 1959, #100 ; Queneau, R: 'Joan Miro Litografo II' Ed. Poligrafa, S.A., Barcelona, 1975, pg 119, #191 Mirois art is based on the purity of poetic emotion and spontaneity of execution. The artist also found his favorite medium in lithography. The importance of his graphic work, continuous renewal and enrichment of his style show the high value which the artist attached to this medium of expression. Miro uses black ink with a range of values and refined tones, reaching wild and playful effects. With elements derived from Catalan traditional art and a spatiality, Miro gave his objects and symbols a proper life as subjects of stories from other worldly microcosms - the ideal reflection of a world longed for by the artist.


Asking Price2,200 USD ($)-

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