Covers 13-Green A

Joanne Freeman
Gouache on handmade Khadi paper
33 x 33 cm
Daniel Kany, art historian, art critic and freelance writer wrote in Art Review in August 2013 about Joanne Freeman, saying about her work: "Walking into the main gallery of the University of Maine Museum of Art and being greeted by Joanne Freeman's work is like sitting back after a hard day and turning on some great music; on the one hand, it's calm and relaxed, but it also moves. Some things transport you by changing the place you are in to precisely where you want to be. This is what Freeman's paintings do."
United States
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Joanne Freeman's works on paper are made with gouache on handmade Indian Khadi paper.
She uses tape to mask out shapes and employ hard edges, working spontaneously, placing down a shape and then building upon it.

Her use of singular color accentuates the interplay of ground, foreground relationships.
Freeman tries to merge random gestures and idiosyncratic shapes with a controlled and reductive abstract language.

This piece is part of a series titled "Covers", it pays homage to the graphic style of album covers, paperback book covers and media that permeated mid-century popular culture.

The limited choices of early printing technology leant itself to simple, direct and innovative compositions that Freemans also strives for.

About The Artist

Joanne Freeman is an American contemporary artist born in 1954. She is known for her abstract, minimalist and reductive paintings.Read More

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