Aquatint made with oil based Charbonnel Etching Ink, printed on 100% rag paper Copperplate Warm White. Unframed.

This piece is part of a series titled "Covers", it pays homage to the graphic style of album covers, paperback book covers and media that permeated mid-century popular culture.

Her use of singular color accentuates the interplay of ground, foreground relationships.
Freeman tries to merge random gestures and idiosyncratic shapes with a controlled and reductive abstract language.

Aquatint is an intaglio printmaking technique, a variant of etching, using copper plates dipped in acid to hold ink. The traditional fine art printing process accentuates the rich saturation of color on paper. The series merges the quality and feel of traditional fine art prints with the low tech graphics of mid-century media.

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