Biblioteca de la exploracion continues a series of works that Mendez Blake has developed around the concept of the Library. For him, the idea of the "Library" (a building historically used for keeping books and spreading knowledge) surpasses its traditional definition. In Mendez Blake s libraries, the building goes beyond a typical single construction.; Instead he gathers from several different sources and joins them to create microsystems.; In Biblioteca de la exploracion, Mendez Blake begins with a real story of exploration: the story of Coronel Percy Fawcett, English explorer who was lost in Brazil in 1925, while leading an expedition looking for an ancient city in the unexplored part of the Amazon jungle. This city, which Fawcett used to call "Z City", was supposed to be the last legacy from a forgotten civilization. This reference to the last letter of the alphabet has been used by Mendez blake as the beginning for a series of works the deals with the subjects of utopia, progress, colonization and the fragility of the structures of knowledge, and where the "Z", shape and letter, is used to generate a typology of construction, an hybrid between language and archeology. Biblioteca de exploración. Estructura de biblioteca / Exploration Library. Library Structure

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