Davila's photographic cutouts attest an interest in the indeterminacy of viewing; as consuming, when the proliferation of images is constantly testing our sense; of place or time as viewers in order to construct history. By piercing or 'cutting; out' the central subject in documentary photography, he compels the viewer to; imagine, as an act of creativity, that which appeals to the common universal; memory. This series of works opens up into independent research lines:; Cowboys based on Richard Prince's work, Topologies of Identity, Topologies; of Private Life, Buildings you must see before you die, Topologies of Light,; Moments of Equilibrium & Lichtenstein.
In the case of 'Untitled (Seductive Girl)', Davila has taken source material from; Roy Lichtenstein's 'Seductive Girl '(1996) a majestic and monumental Pop; tribute to art history's most enduring subject: the female nude. Here intervened; at the hand of Davila, key elements of the image are progressively removed; until the work is reduced to its essential structural elements, inviting the viewer; to pause and consider the importance of both what is no longer present and; what remains. Cutouts (Lichtenstein)

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