Don Quijote

Jose Segrelles
375 EUR (€)
100 x 70 x 0 cm
In excellent condition, with the colors very bright. An extraordinarily rare survival.
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In 1935, Chocolates Amatller, a Catalan company based in San Sadurni d'Anoia, issued 80 different trading cards depicting scenes from Don Quixote by Jose Segrelles, with letterpress descriptions on the verso. One of these brightly-colored chromolithograph cards was included in each box of chocolates sold by the company. I offer two proof sheets, ENTIRELY UNCUT, JUST AS THEY CAME OFF THE PRESS, with the complete collection of these 80 cards. The first sheet comprises 81 cards representing scenes from the first part of Don Quijote, the second sheet has 81 cards with scenes from the second part (so 162 scenes in all). 79 of the cards are in duplicate, and two are in triplicate, so TWO COMPLETE SETS COULD BE FORMED BY CUTTING THE SHEETS.


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José Segrelles was a Spanish painter and illustrator, whose work appeared in publications such as Redbook Magazine and The Illustrated London News.Read More

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Pilar Franquet, 12, Sitges, Spain
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