In 2014, JR directed Les Bosquets, a ballet which told the story of the riots and the life of Ladj Ly, his partner from the beginning. The tension-filled bodies, the car chases and the Molotov cocktails are made classic in their reinterpretation by Lil Buck, the dancer Lauren Lovette and 42 dancers from the New York City Ballet. The ballet is set to original music from Hans Zimmer, Woodkid, Pharrell Williams and Ben Walfish.
JR extended the experience by making the 2015 short lm of the same name. Filmed in Clichy-Montfermeil, it included Lil Buck and Lauren Lovette who came to Paris for the occasion to work with 42 dancers from the Opera de Paris.
Here he's captured Lauren Lovette, who'd never been to France nor had ever danced in the street or on rooftops. With this powerful image, JR tries to show how "the desire to exist in these neighbourhoods can combat their insecurity and create unexpected beauty."

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