'JR (b. 1983) is a contemporary French artist who describes himself as a ''photograffeur,'' to indicate his affinity with street and graffiti art. Growing up in Paris as a teenager, JR began photographing scenes that explored social hierarchy, personal relationships, political issues, and cultural interactions. His chief subject is urban life, which he captures by way of video, screenprint, and mixed media. In 2014, the National Monuments Center chose to entrust JR with the creation of a participatory work inspired by the INSIDE OUT project.

To make this work, portraits are collected on a website and in several cities in France thanks to the roaming of the JR photographic truck. The JR facility is inaugurated on June 03, 2014.

The dome, the cupola and the nave of the Pantheon are thus covered with thousands of anonymous people, among whom perhaps are the great men and women of tomorrow.

This print is sold unframed and in mint condition. Please contact the gallery with any questions or to request high res images.

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