Jeune Femme À L'éventail, Et Étude De Visage

Jules Cheret
2,950 EUR (€)
An extremely fine sanguine and pastel drawing with white heightening
32 x 25 x 0 cm
Signed by the artist.
In perfect condition
Available For Sale
Madame Blanchet
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Reference: Blanchet 84; EXHIBITED IN THE IMPORTANT CHERET EXHIBIT IN EVIAN IN 2008, AND THAT IS REPRODUCED AS A FULL-PAGE PLATE IN THE CATALOGUE (also the standard monograph on Chéret); Reproduced as a full-page plate on p. 151 of Pierre Blanchet, "L'esprit et la grâce dans l'œuvre de Jules Chéret" (Vaumarcos: Acatos, 2008). Number 84 in the catalogue (p. 199).


Asking Price2,950 EUR-

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Jules Chéret was a French painter and lithographer who became a master of Belle Époque poster art. He is called the father of the modern poster.Read More

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Pilar Franquet, 12, Sitges, Spain
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