Good To Know: Unframed, stored flat in humidity controlled art storage facility, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: Ranty? Militant? Angry? Why, those are adjectives that would seem to describe a great many of us in the present, often divisive cultural and political era. K-Guy, however, is not just another in the stream of creatives who found an ‘edgy’ persona amid the emergence of such a polarising figure as US President Donald Trump.

In 2016, K-Guy released his own memorable take on the legendary orange-hued commander-in-chief. His “Punk Trump” silkscreen prints shows the world’s most famously loose-lipped Twitter user donning a mohawk and badges displaying such slogans as ‘No Future’, ‘Anarchy in the USA’ and ‘I’m a Mess’.

Source: K-Guy: “We are all prostitutes and junkies!”

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