The central artifact in this work is an unusual antique racist carnival baseball toss game-head - a racist stereotype of a Mexican man (hat knocks off when hit with ball) placed in front of a border wall between Mexico and the USA. There is an intentional parallel with the popular HBO series, The Game of Thrones, which featured a Wall created to keep out the Wildlings from Westeros. The Wildlings - considered inferior and uncivilized by the citizens of Westeros - were trying to cross over into Westeros because they were fleeing the violence from the Night Walkers. This piece, Beyond the Wall, translates this tale into our current immigration dilemma - where violence in Central America is driving asylum seekers to seek safety on the other side of our Wall. The current administration clearly views these asylum seekers as Wildlings of sort, unworthy of admittance into our country. The racist undertones of their policies are all to apparent and the consequences of their approach has been to create a humanitarian crisis on both sides of the Wall.